Trigger cable for nx1000

Hi, I try mapping with nx1000, but my trigger cable for apm is strange. When I plug the cable to camera and apm, the camera always shoot it self. Anybody have an experienced with trigger cable for apm? Is use diy cable from this site

Hi dicky, I use the same diy cable for my samsung NX 1000 and works ok with a Pixhawk. Shoots when a click “trigger camera now” in Mission Planner. I haven’t tested with an APM

I have tried with apm, and it worked well. I have no lucky with pixhawk. I think, I will use apm. Thanks for the response.

Ok dicky. Do you use (or planning to use) Reach gps with a Samsung NX1000? I’m planning the same. I have the camera but haven’t ordered the Reach kit yet.

I use apm. I have tested nx1000 with geotag reach cable, trust me, it worked.


Hi dicky. About geotagging images with Reach cable, what shutter speeds are you using. In my case with Samsung NX1000, if I use up to 1/160 a event mark is stored but if I use 1/200 or faster nothing happens.

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