Tried import DXF file today, but nothing happened!

Today I tried to import a DXF file, but no button opened the nootbooks display to find the file!!

How to o further?

Reach import display|412x550


If the DXF is in UTM coordinates, it will not be possible to import into ReachView2. RV2 supports only LATLONG coordinates in the WGS84 system. The CSV format with the geographic coordinates will be your best option for this version of the application.

Documentation: Point stakeout

If you are using the latest stable firmware version for today, Feb. 15 (v. 2.24.2), it is already possible to use the UTM coordinate system of your location in the world, using the ReachView3 application.

Documentation: CRS Setup in RV3

Emlid’s YouTube channel, with more information.

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Pedro Augusto


Thank you for that information!

Hi @noj67035,

As Pedro pointed out, you need to work with ReachView 3 to use coordinate systems other than WGS84. Please note that ReachView 3 supports only CSV import in the meantime.


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Hi there!

Coming back with a good piece of news: now ReachView 3 supports DXF import and export :slight_smile: Feel free to open a new topic if you have any feedback!

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