Tricopter with 2 axis custom ballbearing gimbal

I only used the most primitive tools for that gimbal. It was a 5 € saw, a simple drill and a cutter knive.

Until I have rebuild the copter I have only a rather bad one of a pre-mission pitch/roll test.


Detected this slack during built but didnt realize it would affect the gimbal so much.
Its about 2mm free play in the ball end causing alot of “dangling” feel in the gimball. Have a new ball end linkage to mount but also need to adjust the servo position as it gives me to much throw on the roll axis.
Moving the linkage closer to center of rotation will reduce gear slack too.

Ball end connection on the servolink is badly designed. Need locknut to secure it. On mine it came loose and broke a piece of the metal gear in the servo. Its grounded until new parts arrive. Oh well

Got few minutes of flying. Here is from one of the first takeoff`s

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Did you test it with the camera mounted? I’m looking forward to hear about the flight time.

Yep, but i didnt get it on tape and it was on hover 2m of the ground. Didn`t dear fly any higher due to the loose bearing on the servo. Waiting for parts right now and the navio is moved to the Buddy for the time beeing

If you don’t need the features of the Raspberry pi I can recommend a mRo X2.1 autopilot. Its also basically a first generation Pixhawk with upgraded sensor. The great think is that it has all necessary in- and outputs for mapping and still it weights only 11g without headers. They also have tiny gps and hall sensor based power sensors.

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Sorry, no new updates here. Just changing some of the description for RO1.
1.Juli 2020 will new EU rules replace RO categori to

This unit fall under the open C2 categori.

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