Traxxas EVX-2 ESC and navio2 - Throttle trims set incorrectly


trying to get this going- spent hours searching.

i have a traxxas summit monster truck. i have the navio2 connected, as well as the receiver. using mission planner and qgroundcontrol. the steering works. the motor does not. the esc is connected to the fourth pin on the navio2 as illustrated in the docs.

in the radio calibration setup in mission planner i can see the throttle working. but the motor does not turn when armed.

A green light is blinking on the esc which means throttle trim set incorrectly. in mission planner the rc3_max is 1997, rc3_min is 1000 and the rc3_trim was at 1503. when searching forums it was recommended to set it the same as rc3_min, so i did but still the motor does not turn.

btw, yes in mission planner it is armed. and btw the motor does work when i connect the esc back to the receiver. The ESC is a traxxas EVX-2.

thanks you in advance for your help and be well.


setting rc_trim to the same value as rc_min does not work for a reversible ESC. I do not know Traxxas ESCs, but I guess you have to adjust the rc_trim value around 1500us ±50us, until the ESCs arms itself (stops blinking?). Perhaps you have to adjust the ESCs deadzone, if the output from the Navio has to much jitter.

BTW: everything works using a pixhawk with ardupilot stack configured as a rover.

i re-imaged the sd card and started from the beginning. now the throttle does communicate with the esc nice and smooth. however when i turn the steering using the remote- the wheels turn but the its making the throttle jerky without me touching the throttle on the remote.

so no my problem is the throttle motor jerks and st-udders as i turn the steering on the remote.

Resolved. the solution to the jerky movement is not having a separate power source for the rails.

Resolved. For the throttle trims set incorrectly. i re flashed the sd card. btw i am using sandisk 128 gig pro version.

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