Transmitter (radio) communication delay

I currently have a Navio 2 connected to a Raspberry pi 3B+. To that, I have connected the ESC( I have removed the power cable from 3 of the ESC’s so that the rail, isn’t powered since I am using the Navio2 power module that I purchased with the Navio2. I have also connected the Navio2 GPS/GNSS antenna that came with the kit. The transmitter(radio) that I am using is Flysky FS-i6 6CH 2.4GHz AFHDS RC Transmitter w/FS-iA6B Receiver for RC Multirotor Helicopter Airplane Glider Quadcopter (Model_2 ( After connecting everything I have calibrated the accelerometer, compass, radio all which are under the required calibration.

Now I am trying to arm the drone and fly it but I am currently having issues. The drone will arm but one I throttle up the response of the drone is really slow. If I flick the throttle or any other stick it will not register the command. If I move the stick really slowly the quad will spin the motor and will work but any fast motions on the controls will not register. how can I fix this Issue?

Hi Ramon,

May I ask you to share the dataflash logs recorded during the flight?

I am unsure how to get the longs and upload them, but I hope these are it if not I can try again.

2020-01-16 19-06-16.log (3.9 MB) 2020-01-16 19-06-16.bin (1.8 MB) 2020-01-15 22-12-56.bin (361.9 KB) 2020-01-15 22-12-56.log (737.1 KB) 2020-01-15 21-40-40.tlog (6.2 MB) 2020-01-15 21-38-37.tlog (185.0 KB) 2020-01-15 21-32-06.tlog (650.6 KB)

Did i send the correct information?

Hi Ramon,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

We’ve checked the data, and I’m afraid there is not much info we were able to get from it.

However, it seems like there might be some interference causing the issue. May I ask you to try disabling the Wi-Fi and check if it impacts anything?

Do I just disable the Wifi on the raspberry pi?

Hi Ramon,

Sorry for the delayed response!

Yes, this should help. Have you managed to accomplish it?

Yes I was able to resolve the issue.