Transformation to OSGB TN15 not giving sensible values

Updated our reach RS2’s to latest firmware a few weeks back, and also using the latest app version. Historically the transformation in reachview 3 app has been spot on. However recently it is giving strange values.
Working in the UK so want local coordinates in OSGB TN15.
If we transform using ‘grid inquest’ which is the official transformation software supplied by ordinance survey, we are getting significantly (10m or more) different values than reach 3 app…

Please help.

For background we have used this system for several years prior with no issues.

the vertical coordinates are the same, but easting and northings vary

just realised one system seems to be transforming ok, the second is not. The differance between the two, the one that is working has the CS setup as OSGB ‘legacy’ (27700), The system that is not working is set up as OSBG (not legacy).

Hi @hairyape1,

Thanks for the report! I’ll check what can be wrong with our devs and get back to you.

Hi @hairyape1,

We’re currently investigating the issue with our devs. Can you tell me which ReachView 3 version do you work with? Do you use Android or iOS, and what’s the version of the OS? It’ll help us localize the root of the issue.

iOS Iphone 12
Reachview 3 7.12


Thanks! I’ll let you know once there are any updates on our investigation.

Hi @hairyape1,

We’ve released a fix in ReachView 3 7.13. If you have a chance to try new OSGB projects, let us know if everything works smoothly for you!

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