Transformation nach/von ETRS89/UTM ALKIS-Punkte in SAPOS gemessen


ich würde gerne meine Transformationen zwischen WGS84 und ETRS89 mit echten Punkten kontrollieren, bevor ich mir eine Antenne kaufe die zur Zeit nur WGS84 (B/L/H) kann.

Kann mir jemand mit ReachView, unter Verwendung von SAPOS HEPS, gemachte Messungen (B/L/H) von (Fest-)punkten, für die genaue Koordinaten in ETS89/UTM (LST 2100 oder besser) bekannt sind zur Verfügung stellen (inkl. Festpunktkoordinaten ETRS89/UTM)?

Danke für die Hilfe!

This question is about using the offcial german GNSS correction data, so it’s not expedient to translate it to english.

Hi Magnus,

In the public part of this forum we ask everyone to use English. In this case, all users can benefit from the information posted here and contribute to the discussion.

So it would be great if you could also post your questions in English in the future.

Thanks for understanding!

Hi Dimitry,

in future i will do so!

This questtion is about getting Testdata from somebody using german corretion data. (So only surveyor from germany can awnser or benefit from an awnser made by someone else, but i will try to translate) I want to check my transformation with real measured points which coordinates are wellknown befor survey in EPSG 25832.

Hello Magnus,
why so complicated?
Just use your Reach and SAPOS corrections and you get coordinates in ETRS89 (and not WGS84!!!), but as LLH and not UTM. You don’t need to transform anything from WGS84 to ETRS89 when using SAPOS. For converting from LLH to UTM coordinates use either Mobile Topographer or TRANSDAT.

Hi @magnus.wulf

Please, note, that at the moment Reach can only handle the WGS84 coordinate system.

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