Transferring data files via USB connection?

Hi, Jack Here.

New to all this and I am wondering if it is possible to access the Data Files: RINEX, UBX, LLH, Ect. through a USB cable to my laptop rather then Bluetooth? If so how do you do this as hooking up a USB C cable to the REACHRS2+ and my laptop doesn’t even recognize the REACH as a device.
Thanks for the Info!

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Hi Jack,

The easiest way to download logs from Reach with a PC is to use Reach Panel via Wi-Fi. To open it, connect to the Reach hotspot and go to in a browser address bar. It works on both Mac and Windows.

Can I ask you to share the operating system of your laptop, and what is the reason why you’d like to connect with USB?

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Hey Zoltan,

Thank you for your reply! I am using Windows 11 Home. I just thought it would be easily to plug a cable into my laptop and the Reach and then select and download. I was doing the transfer by Bluetooth, but it seemed cumbersome. I will try the WIFI method you suggested. Thank you again for your reply!



Hi Zoltan,

John Belanger here. I tried your suggested method of downloading the files from the Reach. Connecting the laptop to the Reach WiFi was and continues to be problematic. Once my laptop is connected to the reach I am able to download 2 of the 3 files (UBX, LLH), but not the RINEX files. When ever I select it, nothing happens. Nothing, no pop up, no recognition that there is a file. I’ve tried it with multiple different RINEX file same result. Very strange. Any ideas on why this file would be a problem?

Hi Jack,

Please check that your receivers are on the latest stable Firmware version (30.1).

I’d ask you to make a screencast of the Reach Panel’s Logging screen, which shows the download of the log. Maybe I can spot something on it that can help.

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