Trace file location?

Where are completed Trace files located with EMLID Studio V1.5?

They don’t appear in the selected folder after processing along with the .pos and _events.pos files that do go the right folder.

During processing I can see the .pos.trace file being built in C:\Users[user]\AppData\Local\Temp\PostProcessor-[temporary random number each time] folder. But after processing is complete the temporary folder and its files disappear, and the .pos.trace can’t be located anywhere else under any of the usual name/size/date search criteria.

It’s possible to locate and quickly copy out a partially built .trace before processing ends and the file contents up to that time look good and can be helpful, but as the file is not complete and it’s a lot of messing around it’s clearly not an ideal approach.

Hi Wombo,

You can find the rover’s complete trajectory in the resulting POS file. To understand your goal, may I ask you why you need the TRACE file?

In this specific instance I am looking to confirm that the antenna models I tested and manually entered into the Rinex were successfully found by Emlid Studio in the Studio included atx file during processing.

This is just one example, there could be other reasons at other times if odd results or process failures.

As a comparison, if selected in RTKLIB it consistently puts the .trace file in the nominated output folder along with the pos so it’s easy to check.

EMLID config allows the user to select any of the 5 levels of trace but it’s not specified where the file is stored.

Here’s an illustration for this specific example, in this extract from an RTKLIB trace the “TRM57971.00 None” pcv parameters were successfully located (no error) but the “TRM59800.00 NONE” parameters were not located in the .atx file that was manually specified (as is required in RTKLIB):
3 searchpcv: sat= 0 type=TRM57971.00 NONE
3 searchpcv: sat= 0 type=TRM59800.00 NONE
2 no receiver antenna pcv: TRM59800.00 NONE

If you didn’t look at the .trace you would not know, as either way a pos result is still produced.

This looks to be a bug, the moment processing is finished and the completed files are transferred to the requested output folder is when the trace file disappears.
If higher levels of trace are selected, you can see the additional trace activity occurring as the more granular information requested is dutifully added to the file. And you can see how this correspondingly slows down processing. So, a lot of good work is being done.
In this screen shot you can see a level 3 trace file building in the temp folder during processing is already around 160mb:

However after processing it is not in the output folder with the pos:

And can’t be found anywhere else.
I’ve even tried going to level 5 trace on a large file which took about 4 minutes to grow over 1.5GB before it disappeared at the end of processing and which should have well stood out and been easy to find but didn’t exist.

Thanks for the explanation. We will come back to you right away after discussing your case with our developers.

We’ve released the new version of Emlid Studio (1.7). Using that, the trace file appears in the same folder as the PPK results. If you have a chance to try it out, we’d be glad to receive your feedback!

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Thats great, it is working fine now in 1.7.
Thank you for that.

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