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My question is when I set up my Leica TS07 in the morning using a wood/fiberglass quality tripod made for total station use. As the sun is rising the TS starts moving out of level (in the black not red)

Do I re-adjust to the level on the fly and continue to shoot? Leave it in the black and shoot?

Or whenever I make adjustments to the tri-brack do I need to re-shoot my backsight?

Just looking for the best means and methods for re-leveling the TS.

Thank you


@EBE111057 and @michaelL would be the guys to ask. They may know more why the change even when using wood/fiberglass tripod due to temperature etc. Wood / fiberglass from what i understand is the best? Aluminum the worst? What about carbon fiber?? Feet securely pushed into ground? Mud? Sand? Clay? Active volcano? :crazy_face:

I adjust the tribrach slightly to bring back into level, then recheck backsight making sure laser pointer to observation point is still within tolerance and while height has not changed drastically. But I use Microsurvey FieldGenius to do / check this.

EDIT: See u have this over at also… you’ll prob get a solid answer there too!


The adjustments I make are very slight to get back to the three green checks on the electronic bubble. I had a guy tell me never just the tribrack once set, but the very sensitive electronic bubble moves as things heat up or cool down. I feel I should keep it as close to perfect at all times. When I shot in 3 points it was level for example, then the bubble will slightly move out of level. I would think it would be best to just back to level. but do I need to recheck backsight every time? or don’t worry about it unless it goes into read and won’t let me shoot? and so on…

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You are getting great help from John over at ! John knows his shit!


Yes I am, Thank you!


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