Total newb here

You guys are pretty advanced users and i’m in need of help. I’m wondering do i need two of these if i just want to do gcp for drone mapping or can i get by with just one for now?

You will generally need 2.
If you are willing to pay for NTRIP services, or have them available free at your locations, then you’ll only need 1 (if they are always are closer than 10 km to your location)
You generally get much more flexibility, and more accuracy by having 2 units, as the baseline (the distance from the rover unit to the base unit) can be much lower, when you control its location.

Keep in mind huge wait period. : /

Look at this kit for drone setup:

Use the Reach RS+ as your BASE and the Reach M+ and Tallysman antenna on the drone (ROVER). Generally used for Post Processing when doing drone work (save logs during flight, then post process later) Keep in mind that the Reach M+ on the drone does not come with LoRa (Long Range) radio communication to the RS+ Base, so you’ll have to use a different radio or another form of communication).

If you need LoRa for surveying by not using drone, you can get (2) RS+ units, 1 as BASE and 1 as ROVER, then they can communicate or transfer data 1 way via LoRa. If you think your going to need a RS+ on a survey or prism pole etc, just get 2 RS+ units…then later add a cheap M+ (plus atenna) for drone if need be. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! (advice from the almighty TB_RTK) ; )

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Keep in mind that if no “free” ones which you’ll find there isn’t really many as one hopes unless your “lucky”, these are VERY expensive $$$$$$$$$.

You’d be much better off getting a Reach RS+ BASE. You can always use NTRIP from there as you absolutely need to if you cannot set up on a known point or not satisfied with the BASE’s averaged point.

How would one go about adding the uav kit to an inspire 2

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