Topographich survey

how work two reach rs for topographic survey ? What is the precision ?

Hi Giulio,

One Reach will be base, another - rover on the pole, for example.
Our Survey tool will help with saving points.
If we’re talking about topographic survey, you can give them different names (ex. tree1, path1) which could help you in post-processing. Also it’s possible to change antenna height on each point.
Look through our docs to get more info.

You can get cm precision.

What is the possible problem with only l1 frequency ?

Dual frequency allows longer baselines (>10km) and shorter time to fix.

But it i have two reach rs , one is the base , one the rover, what problem can i have?

You should have no problems with topographic survey in such device configuration (2 Reach RS: base-rover), but everything depends on what you want to get as a final result.

If you describe your work, I’ll try to answer in details.

I must do a geotag of point cloud with a max error 4-5 cm

would be great to have Survey tools for collecting lines and polygons and calculate their lengths and areas in the fields. Of course, creating lines and polygons by connecting collected points are easy in the office.