Topodrone and Reach RS+


I am writing because I am a bit confused about the compatibility between Reach RS+ and the Topodrone GNSS reciever on my drone. I was trying to post process my photos with the .ubx file from topodrone as a rover and the .ubx from Reachs RS+ that i used as a base during the flight. I follow the guidelines from the site. At the geotagging step, I get the error: there are more images than points: 0 points, 60 images.

My guesses are:

  1. Maybe the setup of Reach rs+ was not right. I just placed it near the landing area and turned on raw data recording during the flight. Did I do it right?I didnt find a tutorial about that.

  2. Maybe I am missing some piece of hardware like the Reach m+/m2 to collect the data from the camera of the topodrone kit already do this job?

Thank you !

Hi @spherapentruterra,

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Please send us the raw data logs from the base and the rover. It’s quite hard to draw any conclusions without looking into them. You can send them to

If there are zero points, probably the logging timeframes of the base and the rover don’t match. But to be sure, I want to post-process it myself.

The raw data logging should be enabled before you perform the flight, not during it. If the landing area has a clear sky view, it’s fine.

Regarding tutorials, you can check our guide describing how to log data for PPK, and the guide about placing Reach base.

I assume it should record time marks in the raw data log, and you don’t need Reach M+/M2. But I’d like to check the raw data log to be sure.

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