Topcon Magnet Field with RS2

Hi all,

We have a Topcon LN-100 which is a stripped down robotic total station for mapping where we can’t use our RS2 units.

We have a Magnet Field 7.2 subscription that controls the LN-100.
This field controller software has the ability to do a hybrid Total Station and GPS workflow.

We have managed to get our Reach RS2 to connect via nmea to enable a GPS search and lock to the prism pole, but cannot save points…

If the RS2 has only RTK Float, it saves points, but not on RTK Fix.

Have tried using GPS complete to make a windows location driver and export out again to a virtual com to see if that would change the nmea fix flag from 1 to something else.

Does any one know of any windows software that could ingest the RS2 nmea and change the RTK Fix to RTK float?

Maybe a fake tag in the Reach app under output in a beta release?

Have thought about getting GPSD onto a Pi that we can run in the field.

Do not really want to spend the amount that Topcon wants for a Hyper SR, when we already have three RS2 units and a Leica GG04 already.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you.

This sounds more like a bug in the topcon firmware, not reading the NMEA string properly.
Before doing funky stuff with the NMEA sentences, contact topcon support.
If you modify fix to be a float, you really wouldn’t when you had a fix.

This is been a known issue with Magnet for quite some time now. If you search this forum you will find many discussions and troubleshooting steps but no one has ever gotten it to shoot in a fixed condition.

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