Topcon corrections topnet live (258.3 KB)
I also managed to connect my Emlid antenna with fc250 and magnet software
My issue is that although I bough subscription for corrections from topcon, I am having difficulties to connect to the mounypoints, even when I am connected there are no corrections (grey bars) coming through
Any suggestion?

What settings are you using?, Desciption of setup and refrence station?

I am using

The Topcon guy proposed to use mountpoint net_rtcm3 although I am connected there are no corrections coming through

Not sure msg 1004 and 1012 are properly read by the RTKlib
note nr 131-133

Someone from Emlid might have a say here.

I noticed that if I connect to different mount point I am receiving corrections
But is not the one Topcon recommended for UK (428.2 KB)

which mountpoints can you choose from?
nvm, i can check my self. 2 sec

The only one that gives grey bars corrections is RTK msm5 but Topcon uk doesn’t know that mount point and reconvened net_rtcm3

Do you know which one is VRS ?
I cant find their descirption for mountpoint.

No luck with RTK_RTCM3?
Also, can you see distance to base in status window?

Have you tried one of the rtcm 2.3 versions?

Yes almost all and the only one that managed to bring down fixed position is the rtk_msm5
But I can’t work with it as it needs time to fixed a position and is not in the UK that mountpoint

How long baseline do you get with msm5 base?

I would assume net_msm5 woud be one that works.
What does the correction input screen (message screen) at he bottom looks like?

When I connect to rtcm3, Topcon recommendation I am receiving base station distance 20m but no corrections bars coming through although the corrections message it looks fine
Please check the screenshots

Dont you have a NET_MSM5 mountpoint there?
i see one on the caster list here

Yes I have in my list and it’s the one I used to connect
But on the field (inside London) I didn’t have fix position all the time and the AR validation was mostly below 3
Then I contacted Topcon and they are not aware of that point in the UK ???
Strange isn’t it?