TOP TIP get redundand power on your FC

Ok so good lesson for me today.

Decided to rebuild my 450 sypder as the previous frame was a bit old and needed replacement. Went to the field with the intention of flying. So I decided to do a Mag cal and during the process I lost connection to see that My UBEC was smoking and getting hot.

This is a ubc i have been suing for at least 30 flights. I am lucky as the issue happened on thr gournd and not while I was flying.

So please use redundant power on your machine

Hi Barry,

Could you please share some photos from that flight? What material is used for your drone’s frame?

If the UBEC wires hadn’t been appropriately insulated, they could’ve come into contact with the conductive frame and caused a short circuit.

Hello Gleb.

No need to send photos I think as the part has been replaced before the next flight. Was just sharing some thoughts to other builders.

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