Today's schedule

Locating tract corners and setting checkpoints for the Yuneec H520E RTK.

Looking a little ominous…

… but it was worth it…

… and then lunch.


Hi Michael,

Nice setup :slight_smile:

Do you plan to map the dam territory or the tract with the drone?

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The tract. The dam was just some nearby scenery for lunch. :slight_smile: I actually did fly that dam about 3 years ago as an inspection for the LCRA but I wish I could fly it again knowing what I know now and with the new tech we have.


Good sight! Must be meditative.

I can imagine :smiley: Well, maybe you will have another similar project where you could apply your experience and newest tech :slight_smile:

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Especially when they are letting the water flow.

There is a dam that we actually built not far from our office so I will definitely be hitting that one. Not literally though…


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