To control with the navi02 keyboard:

Hello everyone, I’m using navi02 and Raspberry Pi 3B+ and I’m currently connecting to AUTO as a project. I’d like to get input from a keyboard, not a wireless controller, and fly like PX4. Is there any open source or method?

Hi @jskang3456,

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Navio2 is a highly configurable device so you can integrate it into many different hardware and software setups. We natively support the ArduPilot control with the image we supply. However, some users work with PX4 so it’s possible to compile it. Even though I can’t be of much help with it, hopefully, our users will give you a hand in this.

Regarding the control via the manual input, you might want to take a look at using the MAVProxy as a GCS. The full docs are available here. Also, it should be possible to control the drone by running the scripts via the Dronekit on Navio2. You can find the documentation on how to install and work with it in the Dronekit docs.

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