TIPS / inconsistent compass GPS PROBLEMS NAVIO2

Hello Everyone.

Few days a go I had many problems to work NAVIO2 with RPI3 and would like to share my experience with you.

I bought the basic kit and the extra antenna (Tallysman multi-GNSS antenna).

When I tried to use the antenna that came with the basic kit (GPS / GNSS antenna MCX) I identified a defect I “poor signal” which caused the message “inconsistent compass” in Mission Planner "related to GPS.

I decided to perform the replacement of the MCX antenna by Tallysman and messages began to appear with less frequency, but after that I have many problems with GPS HDOP because this antenna could not capture necessary signals in my area even in the open and I had to improvise.

What did I do ?

I developed GPS Shield Board Signal Gain according to the photo below, but the same can be done using a copper surface to accommodate the GPS.

Below are some results:

Before application of the Shield

Satellite Location
Urban Areas: 4
Rural areas: 9

After application of Shield

Satellite Location
Urban areas: 14
Rural areas: 21

After this modification, this antenna receives signals inside my apartment ( 5 satellites ) remembering that I live in a 16 floors building at the 13th floor.

I would like to thank George for all the support given to this problem without it would be impossible. Your help is priceless.

Best Regards


The problem here is the unshielded Raspberry Pi camera, not the lack of a ground plane. It is a well known source of noise for GPS.
By adding a ground plane you are reducing some of it, but shielding the cable and the camera is a correct way. Ground plane is a good addition anyway.