Timestamp cannot convert in Emlid Flow

Timestamp cannot convert in Emlid Flow, message.
I have not had this issue in Reachview 3.

Below is a link to the data.

Please advise.


Hi Wouter,

The reason for this issue you’ve faced is that the first point IS1 was imported into the project, not collected. It prevents Studio from proper calculation. Once I removed this point from the project, it worked like a charm:

Just in case, I’ve attached the fixed CSV file and the corrected one after post-processing in the ZIP archive below.
Correct CSV.zip (2.2 KB)

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Marvelous!! Thank you Kirill.

For clarification:

Was it just a matter of deleting the coordinate (IS1) from the original CSV file…and re-process as normal?

Hi Wouter,

Yes, exactly. After deletion, it was post-processed smoothly.

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