Time marks without hotshoe

I would like to use my REACH M+ to record events each time my Thermal camera is triggered but there is no hotshoe of course. What signal/inputs does the REACH require in order to record an event please?
I am looking at activating a relay via PWM to connect the camera trigger signal cable to GND to fire the camera, so if i could do something similar for the reach that would be ideal.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @malcolmdavidge,

If you know how to get the feedback from your camera, you can use Time Mark1 pin on reach M+ C1 port to save events.

Please note that Reach’s GND pin from C1 should be connected to the camera’s GND.

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Very helpful thank you @svetlana.nikolenko :slight_smile:
i will give it a try and let you know how it goes!

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I would be very interested how you realize that and if the results are good. I think there are several challenges regarding the thermal camera (identifying the exact frame for each timemark) and I would be interested to see the accuracy of youre result.

Which camera are you using?


Yes, please, keep us posted! :slightly_smiling_face:

@tobias-dahms https://www.drone-thermal-camera.com/products/workswell-wiris-pro-uav-thermal-imaging-camera-for-industry/

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Hi Svetlana,

Can i just confirm i take the GND form the camera to C1, and for the time marks it is ok to use 5V? not GND.

thank you

Hi @malcolmdavidge,

The GND pin from port C1 should be connected to the camera’s GND, and the Time mark1 pin to the camera shutter signal.

What are you flying this on? I sold my M210 and XT2 and looking for an affordable good camera that I could mount on my I2. Thanks for any feedback on your setup and updates with the M+ integration.

hey tim,

This is under an M600P. It has been integrated to an M210 before but not an I2 that i’m aware of - probably struggle tbh. As for afordable … well lets just say its in the same ballpark as XT2.

i tested the M+ integration the other day. it kinda worked but i had the trigger signal open for too long and the M+ was set to 14Hz so i got about 9 events for every trigger! :slight_smile:

More work needed :slight_smile:

Cheers, Malcolm

Hey Malcom, a little off topic but related. I am wanting to put my Sony A6000 on the M200. If I hook up the Reach M+ or M2, can the M+ be set to trigger the camera every so often or will I have to just set the A6000 to take a photo every second, or 2 seconds, etc and just use the hotshoe to record the time stamp? If the camera is on interval photos then that should actually work just fine. I ordered an extra GPS bracket for the M200 and I will just remove the white antenna and replace it with the M2 antenna.

Any feedback will be appreciated. BTW, I found a sweet deal on the M200 and an XT2 so I went ahead and brought that back in :slight_smile:

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