Time marks NOT in RTK

Hello, i have my reach set NOT in rtk mode, just using it as single gps and conneced it to my camera trough hot shoe. All i want to do is tag my pictures with gps position registered at time of time mark.
The hot shoe works because i can see time changes in the reach camera page of reachview.
I do not need any RTK precision, just need to tag my sony camera pics with gps data, so a file with the gps position and timemark is more than enough for me at the moment.
Can i just process rover raw file without any base file and obtain what i am looking for?

Is it possible to do it?

Thanks for any help.

Yes, i think that should work. Use Singel modus when you process. Look inside the event_pos file thats been created, you should see timestamp and singel solution position.

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Thanks, i tried and it works!!
Now i have to figure out why it misses some events. I am not using the hot shoe but the flash connector on the side of the camera, does it make any difference?

Do you have good enough satellite reception (high enough SNR value to give a valid position)
If the trigger signal is not destinct enough, it might not produce an event.

You can monitor the camera logging window to see each trigger beeing released.

Position is not very good but i shoot 7 pics at 0.5 sec interval and it got only 6 events. If the sats are not that good it ca skip an event?

Reach needs a solution to create an event. So yes, poor SNR could be a problem

Hi @corrado.steri,

Also, please, make sure that your GNSS selection and update rate correspond to one of the suggested time mark logging setups.

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