Time mark (event) question on RS2


To record an event on the RS2, is it simply a matter of shorting the Event pin to GND?

Thank you

Yes, EVENT and GND pin.

Ok so nothing special regarding voltage or anything, a simple contact closure does it. Do you know what the minimum and maximum time is to ensure the event is registered?

Time mark input is current limited and clamped to 3.3V. It should register an event above 0,5V.
Its TTL, so it register 1 event driving pin down and 1 event driving it up.
E.g if you shortcut event and GND, 1 event will be created. Releasing the shortcut will creat another event.

Hi Francis,

Just wanted to confirm that you can shortcut the event and GND pins to create events. As @TB_RTK noticed, the event pin is waiting for the rising/falling edge signals.

Doing some testing, we noticed that if the pulse is short, it only records 1 event. If it’s longer, then it records both the rising and falling edges.
Can you tell me under what amount of time exactly the unit registers 1 vs 2 events?
Thank you