TILTED reading with Emlid Reach RS GNSS RTK

is it possible to take a tilted and precise reading with Emlid Reach RS GNSS RTK, like the corners of a building for example?

Hi @geoetudes3d,

Can you clarify your working scheme steps for such measurements, please?
Why do you need to tilt Reach?

If the pole is tilted outside the point where it is placed FOR EXAMPLE ,on a corner of a building. What’s the tilt angle tolerance for a precise lecture?

I`ve done 90 degree with it… and still within spec

But no tilt adjustment is applied to your final position if that`s what you mean



There’re different “classical geodetic methods” for that workflow depending on your needs and accuracy requirements.
However, if I did it myself I’d place pole 10cm (e.g.) from the corners and then move all points in GIS after processing.

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