Tilt on RS2?

So when will you give us tilt functionality on the RS2 as promised??

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Curious… where did you see this PROMISE? It was a much desired feature / HOPE by many, but I don’t ever recall seeing a PROMISE by Emlid to?

btw, the 9DOF IMU has been in many of the Reach products since the start… just because they implement this for other functionality doesn’t mean they “have to” implement it for other things… i.e. tilt. It would have been nice, which I had also requested this MANY MANY times in the past, but obviously it just isn’t possible for various reasons. The RS3 specs show it has a 6DOF now… probably removing the magnetometer factor due to magnetic / metal interference.

Either way, can beat this to death or just accept it… the RS3 model is obviously what will provide tilt here on 1st.

What’s even more interesting, the Reach RX specs do not show a IMU? Of all products, that seems to be the most ideal for Tilt? Obviously see a RX+ in the future??

It’s business, it’s how it is. Emlid succeeds with VERY NICE products at FAIR prices, versus OVER-PRICED.

This is VERY MUCH appreciated.


I’m not sure where you heard that but the RS3 has a different sensor that is more accurate than the previous models.

So what’s the IMU in RS2 used for or what was it supposed to do?

Have you ever heard of a car sold as having a radio receiver but then they never make it work?

Basic velocity and orientation. This is partially why you sometimes see lag in direction and movement and pretty much all of the systems I have used experience it sometimes. It does not require the level of accuracy that tilt compensation does.


It isn’t possible to enable tilt on Reach RS2 as the hardware is not suitable for it. Apart from using a much higher accuracy IMU, Reach RS3 is also individually factory calibrated.

We have never promised to deliver tilt compensation in RS2 and never marketed it as a tilt compensated receiver.


Where is the exact promise?

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Can you read? It distinctly says “might”.

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It’s still a message that the imu is capable

It’s an IMU, of course it’s capable but not to a level of accuracy that is acceptable.


If a car is advertised having a radio, do you assume it works or not?

I test drive and ask questions before I purchase a car. If they use the word “might” on a feature I really want then I probably wouldn’t buy that car.

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