Tilt compensation request

Can we please just get TILT COMPENSATION incorporated please in ALL the Reach units? It has a IMU, don’t see why NOT??? Such a common sense thing we need. Not sure why something like this takes so long-to establish? Yes, I know in some cases it may not be as accurate as the traditional bubble level… but in many cases that may not be needed and would have the choice anyways between the two. Great selling point!!! Beats the hell out leveling up all the damn time when you have hundreds of points to collect / stake.

Then after that, kick MicroSurvey of FieldGenius in the butt to get a new driver for it. Long overdue.

Thank you!

Hank Hill even has this luxury!


Yes that would be a awesome feature , maybe a little patience and it will come?? Hopefully


Hi Tim,

Implementing such a feature properly is a complicated process that requires deep research and testing.

That’s why we can’t provide you with any information on how and when our devices will be utilizing the tilt compensation.

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It will always (not only sometimes) be more inaccurate, you now introduce the error of the IMU, and the calibration, on top of levelling.

But completely agree, it would be a really useful feature.


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