Throttle mid too low


After flying my copter on stabilize mode, I got the following data log:

We can see my hover throttle is around 0.2, or 20%.
The ardupilot page instructions, however, state that it one’s hover throttle is less than 30%, one should probably add some weight to it or change its motors. However, I am unable to do this at this moment, since I don’t have the time to adjust new components to it and do not have other motors or batteries.

Should I change the throttle mid position parameter to 0.20? What does that impact on flying performance?

Thank you.

Could you upload your log file?

I found out my RC controller had a few trims on… I turned them off and flew again:

2017-11-29 09-54-47.bin (3.5 MB)

Mid throttle was around 0,27… still below 30%.

Also, I didnt find the THR_MID parameter shown here:

What is the correct name of the parameter I should change?

Yes, it was changed.

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