This powerboard does all?

Will someone tell me for basic setups (gimbal is probably the most advance thing) if this power board module has all the connections I need? I think I put the 5 volt on the rail to power other stuff (like the receiver and maybe the gimbal?)

Not sure what I’d need the 12 volt for but its cool that its there.

Here is the merchant link:

And here is a picture of someone having wired it all up.

What I really like is that is has a built in BEC.

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Looks good and should provide everything you need!

I guess my question should be, how do I get power from this board to power the navio. Do I take the 6 pin connector that comes with it and use that?

Yes, simply plug the 6-pin connector in the power port on Navio.


There is also a smaller version of this board now. I made that photo back when I was building a 250 quad a year ago. Since then HK have a micro PDB which is a lot smaller, lighter and only has 5v out, rated lower current for smaller/quadcopters.

If you don’t need 12v (many new FPV transmitters take direct battery power and many new cameras run 5v) or no FPV (not racing, happy with UAV style remote camera over wifi or don’t need any camera) it can save space and weight. Just check your amps requirement.


I saw that one but I’m planning on possibly using a 6s battery so I needed the bigger one for that.

But man, when I go back to my racing drone, I think I’ll have to get that, thanks!