Third party field software

What would be the best field survey app to use with Reach RS+ which would allow me to manually code. I can’t seem to find any for iPad or iphone.

Fieldgenius! Now also available in Android (though in a light-edition for now)


+Yea. I have been running the Windows Mobile version of FieldGenius for about 6 months and it has a ton of functionality, including LOCALIZATION - LOL. I’m about to start trialing the Android so I will definitely keep the group updated. It’s awesome to me how a smaller company like Microsurvey is going to beat someone like Topcon to the market with a fully-functional survey app on Android. We’ve been asking for this for years from Topcon and they decided to go the full OS Windows route.


Thanks for the replies, I took a look at field genius and it looks like its perfect for what I need, to my greater surprise it is also supported on the Leica CS20! Hurray! oh…hang on…£1100 GBP …boo hoo…bettter get saving…

Yes thats what I use also ,awesome program :+1:

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