The value PDOP, HDOP i VDOP

The question to Emlid.
I ask to confirm the correctness in THE NMEA of the value PDOP, HDOP and VDOP. These values were different for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo in earlier versions ReachView.

ReachView v2.22.3

ReachView (older version) in earlier versions ReachView

I would like to know if values PDOP, HDOP and VDOP are passed now correctly. He gives these information in his technical documentary evidence geodezyjnych field measurements.

Hi Pawel,

I apologize for the amount of time it takes to check this!

I’ll try to be back with the confirmation as soon as possible.

Hi Pawel,

According to the NMEA standard, the PHDOP, HDOP and VDOP values are calculated for the combination of all GNSS satellites used in the position determination. So the current display of them is correct.

Would you mind specifying on what version have you noticed them being different?

Hi Polina

He thanks for the answer. I am pleased to these values PDOP, HDOP and VDOP are correct now. I do not manage to pass from which version ReachView the change happened. This example above with incorrect values PDOP, HDOP and VDOP was made in 2019-02-01

I send the file from the version ReachView 2.18.0 courtesy the colleague of. Values PDOP, HDOP and VDOP in the version ReachView 2.18.0 are passed according to me wrong. Please confirm. (1.7 MB)

Hi Pawel,

Thanks for sharing the report.

Now, with the latest stable firmware, NMEA output should be correct.

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