The suitable OS for the Drones

Hey everyone, Can anyone of you tell me what OS is most suitable for flying a drone

Could you be more specific? We’ve used Raspbian for Navio and it’s been great so far.

Now I’m doing a project which consists of assembling a Drone (ARdrone).
I have Raspberry pi3 and Navio+ .I have already installed a OS (Raspbian Wheezy but when i was trying to test the examples posted here it didn’t work then i figured out that Navio+ requires a preconfigured Raspbian to run (Emlid Raspbian Image) but the OS is headless, i.e. it comes without GUI as it is not required for drone applications. (here you can find the link). I searched a lot but i didn’t find anything that could help. Please if you have any ideas let me know, Thanks

PS: you said it worked for you what did you do exactly? I mean which softwares did you install. thanks

It is a bit hard to tell what you are trying to do.

  1. An ARdrone comes ready to fly, so it does not need any assembly.
    If you want to replace the ARdrone Flightcontrol with the Rpi3/Navio+, then you will have some assembly to do. From what I have read, the ARdrone uses a serial protocol between FC and ESC. Navio+ uses PWM to control standard RC ESCs. It will require extra hardware and/or programming to bring Navio+ and the ARdrone ESC to work together. (It might be a lot easier/cheaper/faster to build your own quadcopter with components that work with the Navio+)

  2. Why can’t you use the Emlid raspbian image? It is what almost all of us use and it works.

  3. Everything you need to get started is here:

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Sorry guys my bad it is not ARdrone it is just a drone kits need to be assembled and for Emlid raspbian image itnis not suitable for flying drones but it works very well when testing the examples

You really need to be more specific, if you want to get help.
What do you mean, the emlid raspbian image is not suitable to fly drones? It is specifically made for this purpose. By the guys who made the Navio. You will hardly find any other OS that does what the emlid image does, without putting a lot of work in it.

Look you can find it here
and specifically this

I guess we have a misunderstanding here.

You were asking what OS you should use for a RPi 3 with a Navio+.

You found the Emlid raspbian image.

It is up until now the only OS to control a Plane/Copter/Rover etc. for the above mentioned hardware combo.

You never told us, what your problem is with the Emlid image.

I have no problems in installing the OS it is installed properly but maybe i misunderstood what it is meant by it is not required for drone applications.

it means a GUI is not required to fly a drone, obviously since there is no monitor connected to your drone i assume :wink:
GUI = graphical user interface aka a “window manager”

Thanks a lot