The smell is too bad from the rubber in REACH RS2 bag

The smell is too bad from the rubber in REACH RS2 bag.

Please consider the alternative or other method with the smellless rubber.

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Thank you for mentioning it. Yes, the smell is bad!

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RS2 case is not designed for smelling. You could make a feature request for a particular case smell if you wish.


edit: I see this post has been flagged as inappropriate - Sorry, was it the attempt at humour or offense to the suggestion of bacon as a desireable smell? :slight_smile: Actually there are two RS2 cases open in this small room and there there is no bad smell coming from them - even if I bring my nose right close. But maybe if your case is brand new or never aired out, then it might help to leave the case open in your garage/basement/balcony and just let it air out for a while. This reminds me of LEED certification for new buildings where the building score is increased for letting it sit empty and unused after construction is complete. The time is used to allow a good majority of solvents to finish evaporating and the adhesives and other volatile materials to do a good deal of offgassing before human occupation. So it is fine if you sleep with your new rs2_icon beside the bed, just leave the case outside for now. :wink:


Hi @cpkoys,

Thanks for letting us know!

We’ll consider what we can do to improve it.

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