The site can't be reached

Hello Emlid Team !

I have the same problem.

I just reflashed Reach. SSH connection is ok. The firmware is update at its last version.
The light is purple and stays purple after I plugged Reach…

Try to ping it works perfectly but when I open a web browser and put, it says that the page isn’t working.

Thanks you for your help


If it stays purple than it is either a power supply issue, or something went wrong during reflash\upgrade. Please consider reflashing again if the power supply is fine.

Thank you for your answer.

So here is what I did :slight_smile

  • reflashed with last version of firmware not working

  • with an old version. It worked well. Reach works but cannot connect with my Pixhawk. I cannot select UART in solution output path and erb is also missing. The version was 0.0.3…

Thank you answering me


The image has the old app version installed, so you will need to update after reflashing. The old 0.0.3 version lacks a lot of features, including ERB output.

Also, what do you mean by the old version? Is it image v1.2?

Everything is ok :wink:

Thanks a lot

Yes it was the 1.2 by the way but i updated following what you said. It went well !