The problem getting GPS signal in base mode

Hello all

I am new in trying Emlid Reach

I have just tried Reach in newest firmware v.0.4.9

When I tried in rover mode, there is no problem about getting GPS signal. But when I change to base mode, the GPS is signal/bar didn’t show, it means there is no GPS signal.

This is screen preview in reach app monitor

Base Mode

Rover Mode

Any help please, thank you

Currently you will not see satellites under status when running in base mode. It seems very confusing at first but if you have a pair of reach devices you can see whats going on at the base. If you put your rover in RTK mode for instance, you will be able to see whats going on with the base station via the status menu from the rover device. The Rover status screen will show the satellites like the picture you have above but will also show a gray bar next to the any of the same satellites the base is viewing also. The best way to do this is to run the Rover as the reach_default_kenimatic setting and the base in the general base setting over a wifi network. This way you are not trying to use radios and such that complicate the matter when you are trying to learn the basics. Let me know if you have any more questions. It is very daunting at first when trying to set everything up.

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