The number of camera triggers does not match the actual camera trigger count

Expert, ask: I am the camera hot shoe to trigger the reach record, but the number of pictures recorded is always less than the actual number of pictures

Hi @759478939,

How have you specified the update rate and GNSS selection in RTK settings? Please use one of standard configurations from our docs.

Ask: The number of camera triggers does not match the actual camera trigger count.

Do you have a camera feedback pin connected or simply camera trigger?
In some cases you can send a trigger but the camera will not actually take a picture and this way you can end up with uneven triggers VS pictures and need work to make them geotag.
In my case i have found that using a camera with a hotshoe and having a feedback pin is always the safest way

My wiring method:The time mark of the reach module, the gnd interface is connected to the GND of the camera hot shoe, and the f1 interface.

Is it convenient to leave your email address, I want to take a screenshot of my wiring method for you to see

post a picture here? I am not using Emlid reach but i had connected a couple in the past. Since many people here still use targets for lower cost we simply want proper tags on all pictures that they offset on PPK

I use GPS, the update rate is 14HZ

Hi @759478939,

How many points were lost? Can you share your hardware setup photos?

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