The New ReachView 3 is out


Did a quick test and seemed to catch the same behavior with 28 Beta 1. Are your devices on the Beta too?

Do you link it with the update? I think it may be a bit harder to reproduce, so can you share the full system reports at

I have an RS+ with similar problem, but in my case the receiver don’t restart, it power off and then not restart, stay off. I’m working RW3 v6.10 in FW 27.1, but now don’t find the issue.

I`ll report back on the other question

Updated one RS+ unit to 28 beta 2, shutting it off from the app is now working :+1:


Hi Bernardo,

There are indeed some issues with rebooting and shut down via ReachView 3 on 27.1. But, as @TB_RTK just confirmed, it’s solved in 28 Beta 2.

These changes will be moved to 28 stable, of course. But if they are crucial to you, you can subscribe to Beta. Just remember that we don’t recommend using Beta versions for important fieldwork.

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Minor quirk.
-Pole height isnt kept within the project. If I change the pole height in a different project, going back to a project make me set the pole height again. Somewhat cumbersome working with benchmark and other stations that is not a pole, but a measured distance to the ground.
-Save all projects. A way to backup or save all projects would be nice in case loss of device or failure.



Valuable comments. We’ll take a note!

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Is there any news on the update of the stakeout function?


Hi @step,

It’s at work. It’s not the most straightforward task to implement, but be sure we didn’t abandon it.


is the “save to manual” coordinates on the base station page removed?
I remember having this option in previous versions of RV3 but in the recent versions is it removed? The option is still in RV2.


Hi @vgo195,

Yes, we temporarily removed this feature as it requires reworking. It will come back in future versions of ReachView 3.


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Olá. Eu baixei hoje mas o app não abre mais. E tenho um trabalho neste telefone (android). Eu deveria desinstalar o app e novamente ou esperar a próxima instalação o projeto que ainda não descarregado para perder?

Tive o mesmo problema (comentei logo abaixo)

Hi @joaovitorlara8,

No need to reinstall the app, just update it to the latest version. We’ve fixed the issue there! Through update, you’ll keep your projects and the app’ll open without any issues.

I can see from your comment in another thread that the issue is indeed resolved for you with the update! Thanks for this update :slight_smile:

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Is this fixed?

Hi Tim,

Not at the moment, we’re still reworking the Base mode in ReachView 3 app. We’re thinking about all of the ways we can make it easier to work with the manual coordinate import.


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Hi guys,

That’s definitely a thread with a history. And I wanted to share some updates here.

In Emlid Flow, an update of the ReachView 3 app, we added linework and codes support under the Survey subscription. Here are the guides where you can learn about working with these features: Working with codes, Collecting Lines, Staking out Lines.