The new Reach RS2+ with LTE

I agree. This is one of the hardware flaws that need to be addressed


I went through your Bluetooth case again and took the last Full system report you shared with us. In the Bluetooth log, I indeed see some connections and disconnections. But this report was shared in 2G troubleshooting case. So, I can’t be 100% sure these disconnections are related to the Surpad.

Another thing is that this report is from 28.1 firmware version. But in 28.2, we made some changes regarding Bluetooth. So, any conclusions I draw based on this report become irrelevant.

Also, you recorded the screencast, and the interface of your data collector looks similar to Android. If so, we must check connection with the Lefebure app. Android OS differs a lot from manufacturer to manufacturer. Also, if the connection is made via a 3rd-party app, we lose the track. We know Reach sends data, but we can’t follow what happens on the Surpad side. That’s why we need to check the Lefebure because it’s well-tested and we understand how it works.

If we could gather all the data we need in one place, we would find a reason for your issues with Surpad. In 28.2 version I mentioned, we fixed some issues with Bluetooth, because we confirmed them during one of the troubleshooting.

Please, update your device to the latest firmware version, test it with a Lefebure app, and share the Full system report. I’m highly interested in resolving your issue.


Hi @b_airben,

Oh, it doesn’t look good. It may happen to flaps because of mechanical impact, but it shouldn’t be that easy.

Please contact us at I’ll think about how to solve your situation.


Has anyone successfully connected the new RS2+ to the AT&T Cellular Network? If so, what APN settings did you use?

Hi Mike,

Have you tried broadband or phone?

I have tried both. Neither worked. I am waiting for an older AT&T 4G LTE nano SIM card. Currently, only AT&T 5G nano SIM cards are available in AT&T Stores. They claim they are backward compatible with 4G and older technology devices. I should have the AT&T 4G LTE nano SIM card today or tomorrow. I will report results.

Hi Mike,

Yes, please, keep me posted.

If it doesn’t help, email us at with the Full system report from your device. We’ll check if there are any issues from the Reach side.

Lol, you crack me up. Relative to the price, there is literally NOTHING that you can complain about. If you want nicer port covers, then go with a higher dollar solution. Generally, you get what you pay for and Emlid over delivers on this at least 3x in my opinion.


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