The NET LED doesn't work after updating to 30 stable

So I was able to update to version 30. I had to refresh the firmware update window 8 or 9 times to get the update to show up before I could click on it. Successfully updated both RS+ units.

Now the blue net light does not work when it is connected to my phone hotspot. It is supposed to blink slowly according to the instructions.

Hi Chris,

Can you see Reach in Emlid Flow? Is the issue in the LED only or Wi-Fi doesn’t work at all?

The WiFi connections work. However the blue LED on each unit no longer works when connected via WiFi after the update to firmware 30.

Then, it’s a known issue we’re already working on. I’ll get back to you once it’s fixed.

If you face any other issues, please let me know.

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Hi @chris21403,

We’ve released Reach Firmware 30.1 that fixed the incorrect behavior of RS+ blue LED. Please update your device to get this fix.

Let me know whether this helps.

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