The Navio2 IMU's vs APM InertialSensor object

Hi folks

In ardupilot’s implementation, there is a object called InetialSensor which abstracts the IMU implementation.

I’m curious about how ardupilot deals with the two Navio2 IMU’s. Are both used as measurements sources ? Or just one? If one, which one is used?

Thanks for the attention.

I don´t know If I was clear enough about my question. I´m customizing the ardupilot and I want to access the IMU measurements through the ardupilot. Furthermore, I´d like to use both IMU´s data (to increase the precision) from Navio2. I wish I would able to access the data through the arduplane API (InertialSensor object) but I couldn´t realize if both IMU´s are mixed some way to provide the measurements. Could you help me?

Thanks a lot