The issue with exporting survey data

I have also a serious problem in exporting survey data today. When I try to export to any format there is only about 0,1 sec notice “Project is being exported. Please wait” (I had to video it to be able read it in slow motion). I also tried to connect directly to the Reach, but in data/surveying/“folder” there is only .json and .geojson files. I want .csv.

I had first version 2.16.1, updated it to 2.16.2, but the problem is still there. Android is 6.0.1, phone Cat S60. Everything worked fine last survey (18.1.2019).

Please help! This is critical for me!

Hi @j.aho,

Have you already tried using browser version of ReachView to export survey project?
You just need to open any browser and type Reach IP in the address bar.

Yes, I connected also directly with the IP address using ES File browser.


May I ask you to provide screenshots or screen recording showing the issue?

Hi, I just sent you a link. Let me know if you can not open videos.


Thanks for sharing the videos, I’ll look into them and get back.

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