The here+ rtk gps does not work with navio2

hi all,
I have tried here , here2 and here+. all of them work except the here+.
As soon I as connect it, ardupilot won’t start, and the baro test fails…

could it be a problem in the i2c communication ?
I would appreciate some help.

as you can see in the picture, I have tried two different navio with two different software and two different rasspberry pi 3 and 4. they all exhibit the same problem

Hi @diamondx,

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Please run i2cdetect -y 1 on each Navio2 and post the output here. Make sure that everything is disconnected from the I2C port.

hi, thanks you for your support.
find attached the output of the i2cdetect you request:


so a reminder about my problem:

  • the navio2 works fine with the stock GPS
  • the navio2 works fine with here and here2 GPS
  • the navio doesn’t work with the here+. Ardupilot doesn’t want to start. running emlidtool ardupilot will tell me that there is an issue with the baro.

Thanks again.

to add to that:

  • I tried two here+. both didn’t work.
  • my cables are fine, pinouts are fine. same cables work fine with here and here2.
    I’ve been “droning” for 3 years. playing with these toys is my daily job… I’m wondering if you guys have already made a here+ work with a navio. if so, I will go back and try to find the issue… but if they are not compatible. I will just not use it for now and look for another alternative.

anyone ?

Hi Ali,

Sorry for the delay.

Currently, I don’t see clear reasons for connection failure between Navio2 and Here+. If the barometer test on Navio2 fails only when Here+ is connected, it might have something to do with the receiver. Please check that the device works with other available hardware.


Let me correct my previous comment a bit. I believe there is a contention on the I2C bus. It seems that the Here+ device may use the same address as Navio2’s barometer. If it’s so, it won’t be possible to integrate them.

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