The GPS got the FIX status, but the quality decreased to FLOAT when the rover was moving

First, Thanks for all your help, My GPS now got FIX status. But new problem came out:

When GPS was static (don’t move it), the GPS can get FIX status, and the accuracy was up to 5mm,

but when I moved it, even if at a very low speed, it switched to FLOAT status, the satellite signal was strong enough.

And after I put the rover in a place for a while, it went back to FIX status.

For me I want to mount the GPS on a robot, and then get its position information when the robot is running. Now it seems like the GPS can not get FIX status for dynamic situation.

Appreciate any suggestions and help.

You were using static mode while moving?
Use kinematic when moving.
What setting are you using?

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I was using Kinematic mode when moving.
The settings are as following:


Which version of ReachView do you have?

Please post raw data logs and solution logs so that we can have a look at them.

Hi, the version I used is 2.4.2

The raw data is more than 10MB, it can not be uploaded. Would you have some other suggestions for sharing you the data


Reachview version i 0.4.X something
2.4.2 is a RTKlib version

If you have dropbox, icloud or google disk etc, you can send link to file.

Thanks, I will do that.

Would you please give me your email, I can share you the data through Dropbox.


Could you send link as IM to me ?

Thanks for your suggestion.
I have sent you the link through message.


A quick look at the post file, it look ok with 82% FIX solution
Could you tellus a bit more what you were doing when logging this file? walking with a pole or others…

You got som fluctuation with AP. I will take a closer look later.

Looks like you have some interference of some kind. but i get 92% fix at the best.
How is your groundplane ?

Hi, Thanks for your kind reply.

My ReachView version is v0.4.9.
I thought I was just moving the rover by hand when logging the file,and the base was static. I put the the rover in a plastic plate, as shown in the following figure.

By the way, there was strong wind during my test. Does this factor affect the performance?

Thanks very much.

I assume you have a metal ground plate under the antenna? Also retry with a longer vertical distance (50cm or more) between the antenna and the equipment. You could have some interference from it.

I’m not sure whether there is metal underground, I will switch another place to test it again. I stick the antenna to a metal plate, shown as in the figure I posted just now, the antenna was put in the up left corner. is it the reason?

It could be. I quick test with the above comment will tell us that :slight_smile:
The important thing is to protect the antenna from surrounding noice

Did you do post processing for the 92% FIX status. Since during my test, once I moved the rover, the gps switched to FLOAT status, and when I put the rover in a fixed place, several seconds later, it went back to the FIX status. I would like to mount the gps on a robot, and let robot run in the field, so what I want to achieve is the GPS can maintain FIX status when my robot is moving.

I really appreciate your help. Thanks

It should work.