The distance is missing during the stakeout

Hi. I updated to from beta to 29. On stake out distance is missing!

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Hi, @petrosway

I think it’s the RV3 apps update.

In my version RV3 7.6 the same thing happens.

By clicking the information appears, but it is very annoying.

In the previous versions this did not happen or in the IOS version.

The same thing happens with staking.

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On IOS is working fine but on Android I saw the same issue, no distance…so I believe is a Reachview issue…

Hi Jaguero

Where did u you click to make distanse appear again in stake out. Couldnt make the distance appear. Also using the updated RV3 version 7.6, Firmware 29

On samsung A32 phone, Android 12

It was fine with 29 beta 3

Yaa I guess so too

No modo de locação ou “stakout” não está mais aparecendo a distância entre o ponto que pretendo locar e o gps. Era uma função que eu usava sempre. Osso é indispensável.

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Hi everybody,

Thanks for your reports! We now have found the cause of the issue. We’ll fix it shortly! I’ll come back to you once everything’s fixed.


Guys, please update your apps. The stakeout should be just fine now. We’re looking forward to your reports!


Now it works fine.

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Thanks for the update! Glad it helped :slight_smile: