The diods on the navio2 are damged

My navio2 have problem in power supply and I think this two diods that I marked in the picture have problem, but I’m not sure if I have power supply map is very good and it’s can help me but it’s very important to know the diods name and model
I live in Iran and I can’t send the board to the company for fixing because it take 4 month at least and I have know time because it’s my University project to make a quad copter
Please someone help me

Hey guys no one can’t help me???!!!

If those were diodes, the PCB reference designator should start with “D” or “CR.”

I’m not sure what “M” stands for.

It is hard to help because the blue circle is obscuring the component markings.

I’m sure you can find out what component it is by searching the markings.


Hi Mohammad,

Here are the transistors you might want to replace:

M2, M4 DMG2305UX
M1, M3 DMMT5401

Thanks bro

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