The different of RINEX DATA .22o and .23o

Hi everyone!
First of all, I’m using EMLID RS2. I use the GNSS for making a BENCHMARK. When I post processing data from UBX to RINEX, the format of RINEX data is .23o.
My question is, what is the different RINEX data .22o and .23o?

Because when I use gnss emlid rs2 my friend has it, the RINEX data is .22o.

This is data from my friend

and this is mine

Thank you, but I’m sorry if my language so bad :blush:

Hi @arsifalf,

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The difference between 22O and 23O is that the 22O was recorded in 2022, and 23O is recorded in 2023. RINEX data extension has .YYO format, where YY is the current year of recording.

You likely compare with your friend’s data recorded in the last year.

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oh yes, I want to ask one more question. when taking measurements with the stop n go method, in base settings we must fill the height of the base, and the known coordinate of the BENCHMARK. after that, when I click the LOGGING, and settings for the sattelite, I must fill the height of the GPS too. My question is, which is the correct gps height for that measurement?

thank you so much for your answer, Sir! :blush:

Hi @arsifalf,

They are both correct, but are applied in different techniques. Antenna height in the Base settings is applied for RTK. Base height in the Logging tab is applied for post-processing and goes into the RINEX header in Antenna string:

    2.0000        0.0000        0.0000                  ANTENNA: DELTA H/E/N

If you perform only post-processing, you don’t need to set the Antenna height in the Base settings.

Don’t mention it! I’m happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:

I see, thank u.

Do you have a articel about STOP and Go method? I’m just read this articel (Stop & Go with Emlid Flow | Emlid Studio) so I need more reference and are we must use BASE SETTINGS and include the coordinate or just start LOGGING data for the BASE (without fill the coordinate) and for the ROVER?


If you want to perform only Stop & Go, you don’t need to configure the base in the Base mode. It’s enough to configure logging on both receivers and collect points with a SINGLE solution.

If you want to perform Stop & Go as backup of RTK, you need to configure the base and the rover for RTK as well.

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Okay thank you, sir!