The base remains offline

i have the issue when with emlid caster with my base keeps offline. the rover no problem

Hi @willstar_beleno,

Are you using an IP address or to connect?

Hi @willstar_beleno,

Please try to use an IP address instead. Let me know how it works for you.

if i use my wifi(home wifi) that connected to my m2 (base) and go to browser emlid caster it shows my base is online. after sometime going to site 1-2km away using my Other pocket wifi and connected to my phone and to my rover. i check my emlid caster browser and shows offline. and then i go home and check my base. i connect my phone to home wifi and my base is online.

Hi @willstar_beleno,

Does the rover have status ONLINE in such case?


I see, can you please share what email address you’re using for the account in Caster? You can send it to me in the PMs.

Hi @willstar_beleno,

We checked this and it seems that the issue might be on the receiver’s side, not the Caster’s. Thus, we’d need to check the Full system report from the receiver to figure out what went wrong. Please send it to I’ll analyze it.

pls check i sent it thru email

Thanks, I received it!