The accuracy for the points?

I had to pick up points where I did not have good satellite reception.
That’s why I had to record in the float area and not just in the fixed area.
To what accuracy is Fixed and what range is Floate?

Would it be possible to also save the accuracy for the points?
I cannot find any information on the accuracy of the saved points.

Greetings Andre

Hi Andre,

The solution status isn’t determined by a separate range. It depends on the process of resolving ambiguity on the rover.

Fix means that the integer ambiguity is resolved. At the same time, in Float, the unit considers corrections from the base, but the ambiguity is not resolved yet. So Float is more like an interim phase of getting a Fix.

Because of it, we recommend collecting points when they are in Fix. These points are usually centimeter-accurate.

You can check it directly in ReachView 3 in full info about the separate point.

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Your fix will be within the specifications of your unit. For RS2 in RTK it is for the vertical component 15 mm plus 1 ppm (1 mm pr 1 km baseline) in relation the correction source.
For float is really depends on how bad your environment was. Usually Float is submeter accuracy in relation to the correction source. But I have seen several meters.

For these sorts of environments you have 2 options:

  • use a total station using backsights in clear areas made with your Emlid.
  • make multiple observations over the same point on different times of the day using your Emlid. Then network the observations together with the rest of your points in Least Square Adjustment capable post-processor like EzSurv.

None of these solutions are cheap, but what you are trying to achieve is non-trivial.


what can be seen here is RMS.
Is the accuracy shown in the project status the same?

Hi @Boess_Infra,

No, the accuracy value on the Status tab is calculated another way. RMS can be calculated from the dataset only. You have one only when the point is already collected.

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