TF02 Lidar On UART

Hey I have done all in the following tutorial :

and cant get any number in sonarrange via mission planner, so I was trying:
screen /dev/ttyAMA0 115200
to see the data
and I am getting odd letters only every 10 seconds:

Can you share your hardware setup photos, please?
Is there any info in the Status tab while making a test of the sonar?

Hey I figured it out, I set TELEM3 to UART port and now it works.
I thought those setting is only for telemetry.
now I have Lidar TF02 on UART and PX4FLOW on I2c, both works.
is there more configuration to do to make px4flow to works combined with gps or this is automatic in ardupilot when both got data?

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I can assume that it should work as it is, but it better to be tested.

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