Telemetry radio activation on Navio 2

When setting the telemetry to USB adapter ( /dev/ttyUSB0 ) do I have to delete the # in front off the line to get it working?
and are there any other changes wich should be applied to the telemetry adjustments?

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As mentioned in our docs, all lines with # have no effect.
Thus yes, you need to delete the # to pass TELEM2 option to ArduPilot.

Do I have to add an # at the line specifying the Telem1 line?

I assume your telemetry options look like this:

TELEM1="-A udp:"
TELEM2="-C /dev/ttyUSB0"

With this configuration ardupilot will send telemetry over both UDP and USB radio.
Commenting one of the lines will prevent telemetry sending.

Ok. Thanks

bumping this as I cant get my OSD and 3DR radio working concurrently on the Navio2…only one or the other works, not both…I use serial port for radio and usb-ttl adapter for the OSD…they both work, just not at the same time ever

TELEM1="-A tcp:"
TELEM2="-C /dev/ttyUSB0"
TELEM3="-C /dev/ttyAMA0"

Options to pass to ArduPilot


You can not use two -C options. The different letters represent the different serial ports a MCU autopilot like the pixhawk would have. So telling Arducopter to use two hardware devices for one serial output does not work.
You can use option -D, but you have to set the serial2 parameters right with Missionplanner.

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