Telemetry Packet Documentation

Does anyone know of any documentation on the contents of the telemetry packets that are sent? I can see an orientation quaternion is available from the source code of the 3DIMU example. I’d like to see what else is being sent, hoping for raw accelerometer and gyro data.


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You can check this example in our docs about working with IMU sensors on Navio2.

Also, you can output IMU data from ArduPilot. It’s capable of sending accelerometer, gyro, and compass data to ROS/mavros using MAVLink’s RAW_IMU message. You can find more information about it in this ArduPilot guide.

At the moment, ArduPilot uses a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer from MPU9250 chip and only a magnetometer from LSM9DS1.

Hopefully, this information would be of help to your application. Maybe our users would share their experience of working with IMU data from Navio2.

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